Educational Work 

Experiential Learning

Our educational efforts value the experience of our participants. Through allowing the participants to feel, experience and gain contact with herpetofauna, they could change their negative impressions on herps.

Participants of seminars are closely observing and contacting the animals. Regardless of a minority of participants that show some fear towards the reptiles and amphibians, we discover that many of them are very curious about these scaly creatures and are very willing to touch them!

The nature is our border-less classroom! We always lead citizens and students to go outdoors for investigations, so they can experience wildlife surveying.  Besieged by the natural environment, learning and understanding the roles of herps, their behaviors and conservation values are effectively. At the same time, through learning in nature, participants also develop interests and care for our mother Earth. 

Knowledge Acquisition 

​Although we are passionate and active about herpetofauna conservation and the nature, we do need to know how do we conserve the animals and the nature correctly. Thus, conservation knowledge and understanding on the nature are primarily essential. Through seminars, we bring about issues on ecological conservation, human threats on herps, right ways on herps husbandary etc., so that people who have no idea about nature and herps conservation or passionate individuals can learn and reflect. In the future, in case of encountering problems as such, they could resolve them with the right environmental attitudes.

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