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Animal Abandonment

Think again before you abandon...!
Our adoption center has limited space, resources and money. If citizens has not considered carefully and abandon their animals casually, it will pose great burden on our society. So please think carefully before you abandon your animal! 

Notes to Abandonment and Terms of Agreement:

1.) Applicant must be the owner and has the ownership right of keeping amphibians and reptiles. If you are commissioning other persons to abandon the animal, please bring along a letter of authorization signed by the owner to our Society. The application will only be accepted after verification. Otherwise, our Society shall reject the application.

2.) Applicant or trustee shall provide to us real names, valid contact number and address, the animal's information including: names, speceis, size, reasons of abandonment and specialties etc. 

3.) Please confirm your amphibian and reptile animal has good health and intact body, without any disease, and shall not need any long-term medication. If our society discover any health issues regarding the animal, we shall hold or reject the application. 

4.) Our society will choose the adopter among the interested applicants. we shall have the final decision over all of the adoption applications. 

5.) When you or your trustee arrange the transferal of animals with our Society, we shall request you or your trustee to sign all documents, including the Abandonment Agreement in person. 

6. Applicants or trustees must inform our Soicety about the animals' eating and living habitats, likes and dislikes, behavior problems, medical history etc. in details to help the animal to adapt into a new environment. 

7.) Once the applicant or trustee signed all documents including the Abandonment Agreement, our Society has all righst to take charge of the adoption arrangements. 

8.) After the abandoned got adopted, our Society has the right to keep information of the new owner confidential. 

9.) Since our Society has limited resources, we will charge the owner $200 for each abandoned animal as abandon fee.

10.) Our Society has the right to reject any abandonment application. The terms of abandonment is subjected to change without prior notices, please refer to our Society website. 

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